So, how was June?

Tom Trott
2 min readJul 1, 2022

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So, how was June?

Well, the first thing to say is that for the first time I have opened the pre-orders for a book before I’ve finished the first draft. The warm reception to The Florentine, plus KDP allowing you to open pre-orders up to a year in advance (rather than the previous 90 day limit) means I have taken the plunge and set up pre-orders for The Nice Guy and the Devil, and so if you haven’t already, please pre-order by clicking the link below. That said, I’ve already had almost double the pre-orders I had for The Florentine 🤯, so hopefully you’ve all ordered a copy already.

Buy The Nice Guy and the Devil — Tom
Pre-order the sequel to The Florentine

Other than that, I’ve just been plugging away at the next book and watching the sales for The Florentine. They peaked at the start of this month, but they seem to have “a long tail” so that’s a good sign. It has also received more star ratings and Amazon reviews than any of my previous books, and it’s only been out for two months, so I’m optimistic that people are enjoying it.

Oh, the book was also featured on a radio show on 365radio here in the UK, so that was nice.

The Mid-Week Peak Writers Seat — Episode 14: Writers Seat with Tom

A link to the podcast version

I hope you’ve all had a good June and that the weather where you are has been as nice as it has been here in Brighton.

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