So, how was February?

So, how was February?

February was good because the final cover for The Florentine is finished and I can finally share it with everyone, so without further ado…

Here it is! The most beautiful cover in the world, designed and illustrated by the fabulous Thomas Walker.

I poured all my love of spy stories, John Le Carre, Bond films, Bourne movies, and Hitchcock into this book. If that sounds good to you, pre-order it now.

Beyond that, I’ve been making sure the interior files are all correct and uploaded to KDP ready for May. I’ve been creating banners and other images out of the cover elements so that I can promote the book on my social channels. I’ve also been thinking about what other tools I can use to market the book.

Which brings me to…

An important request

If you’ve pre-ordered the book, but you were also a beta reader and are willing to leave a glowing 5 star review, then please do! Having reviews during the pre-order period is invaluable, and if you’ve pre-ordered the book then you are a verified purchesor and Amazon will accept the review.

Thank you in advance, and please accept this…

Random film recommendation

If you have Disney+ here in the UK then you could do worse than watch Terminal Velocity. It’s one of the stupidest films I’ve ever seen, and yet I enjoyed it enourmously. It’s like a modern day Hitchcock film, only not as good. Stuck for something to watch? Give it a go.

Watch Terminal Velocity | Full movie |
A skydiving instructor falls hard for one of his students



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