So, how was April?

Tom Trott
1 min readMay 1, 2022

The Florentine is almost here…

April is the cruelest month, TS Eliot said, but for me it’s been great. I’ve been gearing up for 6 May, with more reviews from book bloggers, trying to drum up the old pre-orders. I’ve managed to break my previous record of 22. Currently The Florentine has 27, I’d really like to break 30 before 6 May, so fingers crossed 🤞

I’ve been “proof-listening” to the audiobook edition, read by Bruce Stone. We’re scrambling to get that ready for May so that all editions can be released simultaneously.

The Florentine has been selected for a Bookbub Featured Deal on 16 May, which means 2,370,000 people will receive a link to download the Kindle edition in a mailshot on that day. This normally leads to a huge spike in sales, Kindle Unlimited reads, and reviews, so hopefully that should get The Florentine off to a good start!

In the meantime, I’ve been chipping away at the mountain of my next book, but having a 10-month-old has really cut into my writing time!

Thank you everyone, looking forward to 6 May. Don’t forget to read and review ASAP!


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